We take data security very seriously, and so should you.  We do not, however, believe that data security should be cost-prohibitive.  That is why JSA Hosting is the perfect solution for you.

Many campus management systems require an on-site server that quickly reaches end-of-life, is in need of frequent updates, and is located in one of the most insecure locations in the world:  your campus.  Our Cloud-based Hosting solution rids you of the need for on-site administrators, expensive hardware changes, and site-security worries.

We maintain geographically diverse databases with support for physical security, power and POP failure, and natural disaster, with quickly implemented changes, updates, and backups.  Everything is done in complete PCI and SAS compliance by a certified staff of industry professionals.  Layered security protects servers and routes, and our OpenSSL API allows you to access the system from a variety of web platforms and devices while your data is safely locked away.  The broad platform of applications and services run through our Hosting solution are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a 99.999% rate of uptime, and you can connect from anywhere in the country.


  • Cisco/Juniper platform
  • Complete path redundancy and Server Load Balancing for reliable uptimes
  • Layered security for servers, firewalls, and routes
  • Direct routing to Verizon, XO Communications, Level 3, Qwest, AT&T, Sprint, Savvis, Verio, and Globix
  • PCI, HIPPA, SAS 70 audit compliance, and more
  • Technology staff certified in Solaris, Linux, IIS, Apache, J2EE Application Servers, Microsoft Frameworks, and all other associated languages, tools, and
    industry standards
  • 24/7 physical site security for all data centers