Milk Money

What is Milk Money? Milk Money makes your user ID system a valuable commerce tool. Students using a traditional ID card, a campus commerce card, or NFC technology, can make purchases with merchants both on and off campus with a simple swipe, and there’s no need for either you or the merchant to change the way that you do business. Milk Money can be used to process retail purchases, food and beverage, delivery services, event tickets, and more. Think of it as an extension of VISA/MasterCard business.

Milk Money allows local participating merchants to be a part of your community. You will then get a percentage of the sales of that merchant. If local merchants realize $1 million in sales over the course of a semester, you can essentially net $30,000 in funds towards your programs.

What’s in it for the merchant? A chance to compete for some of the business that students bring to a community. Milk Money allows a user to make the choice between pizza from a commons cafeteria, an on-campus vendor, a local mom-and-pop retailer, or delivery to a dorm or apartment, all with the same campus ID account.

Any merchant that currently processes transactions in your community can become a part of StudentLink. A merchant is free to request participation in Milk Money, but we do reserve the right to decline their request. Prior history, or the vending of such items as firearms or alcohol will determine whether or not we will allow a merchant to join your program. You can also block specific merchants and users based on your own criteria. If you would like to allow a local merchant that happens to provide alcohol (i.e. a corner market), you can make it a policy that these merchants not allow certain purchases with your card. A violation of this policy would allow you to remove the rights of this merchant or a particular user. We encourage you to contact us with any issues that you may have with merchants or users so that we can help you to maintain the quality of our program.

Milk Money uses the proven services of JSA Technologies. JSA has transferred over $3 Billion in funds for colleges and universities across the country since 1997, has a 99.999% uptime, and offers the best of brand in secure hosting.


  • Use your campus ID at any approved merchant, anywhere in the country
  • Fully automated, with no need for additional administration
  • Free to customers of JSA
  • Compatible to most hardware
  • Low costs for merchants
  • PCI compliant, with over $2 billion in
    incident-free transactions
  • Expand the “town and gown” relationship
  • Turn off-campus spending into on-campus revenue