From the largest campus to the smallest college, hundreds of institutions across the country have allowed JSA Technologies to process over $1 Billion in transactions. Administrators and customers have relied on StudentLink to quickly and safely use their campus ID to manage funds from a variety of sources for a wealth of products and services.

The user interface for StudentLink was designed with you in mind. An administrator dashboard allows you to customize forms, pages, and reports for convenient and intuitive tracking, and mobile apps that will allow users to manage funds through a wide range of devices and browser options. Reports and notifications can be tailored for both administrators and users, with balance notifications, alerts, scheduled deposits, and frequently used or favorite reports available with a click.

A robust architecture allows you to use a campus ID to manage credit/debit transactions, meal plans, Bursar accounts, echecks, and more. StudentLink also brings with it our Milk Money Gateway for value-added off campus commerce. The scalability provides for access by administrators, users, and parents, all through one account and database. StudentLink is a modular and scalable component that can react to growing technologies, allowing your campus to grow and expand its services using hardware and software that is already in place.

StudentLink uses cloud-based hosting, eliminating the need for expensive and cumbersome servers, and your data is held in a PCI, HIPPA, and FERPA compliant system. Your database is open 24/7, and backups and redundancies make downtime a thing of the past. Our customer support is based on your need, not the size of your program or the cost of your service plan. When you invest in StudentLink you have bought a prompt resolution promise. We offer email, phone support, live chat, and screen share that allows us to achieve most resolutions within 24 hours and to help keep your system live.


  • Convenient interface with multiple identity
    management systems
  • Credit/Debit, echeck, meal plan, and Bursar account transfers and management
  • Deposits, transfers, and money requests with a click
  • Robust reporting for administrators and users
  • Push notifications for reporting and account warnings
  • Customizable forms, pages, and user interface for branded use
  • 24/7 customer support built in-no expensive
    service plans!
  • PCI, HIPPA, Section 508, FERPA compliant and moreā€¦
  • Remote hosting with uncompromising security and redundancies for 99.999% up times