JSA Technologies is excited to introduce Atrium

April 22, 2012

We have been the leading provider of online payment and account management solutions for colleges and universities since 1998. While that has been fulfilling, we have been hearing more and more from administrators about the constraints and restrictions put upon them by their card service providers. They told us about

  • Unwieldy user interfaces
  • Complicated hoops to jump through for creating reports
  • Lackadaisical and unresponsive support models
  • Escalating fees for proprietary hardware and unwanted updates
  • Server security headaches
  • Cumbersome systems that are too complicated for anyone on campus to use

This, by the way, was only a partial list.

Several years ago we made a decision: We thought that we could do it better. We formed an advisory board of current and former card administrators and industry professionals from across the country and asked them what they needed in a modern system.

Our advisory board told us that administrators wanted an intuitive, easy to use Dashboard with quick reporting and a point and click interface. They said that service should be responsive, with a name. No more waiting for a help desk that was four time zones away. They wanted a transparent pricing structure that didn’t surprise them with hidden fees and charges for upgrades that a provider had authorized. They wanted to be rid of the worry and headache of maintaining data security. Lastly, they wanted their campus to use it, without long lines of students in administration offices trying to figure out how to upgrade the app.

This, too, was a partial list.

We decided that technology had evolved far beyond what current providers were offering. We looked at the best-in-breed hardware, software, and apps. Many sang the praises of a particular card reader, or a door lock. There were aspects of software and user interfaces that administrators really liked. More often than not, though, they were unable to use these systems due to proprietary restrictions.

We decided to combine the best of all of these worlds and create Atrium, the traditional campus card management system…re-imagined.

We created an intuitive user interface that is 100% mobile available, for administration anywhere, anytime. Reports can be generated with a point and click, sent where they need to go, automatically generated, and saved to favorites. We used the advisory board and industry leaders to create a personalized service model; staffed by industry professionals who are familiar with your system. A single point of contact will answer any questions about Atrium or any of your connected systems. Services can be locked in for five years, and connections to your favorite system can be made with a one-time-per connection charge. We only adjust a price if your enrollment goes up at the end of a contract, or if you add more functionality to your Atrium system. We used the latest in security technology to offer secure, hosted, cloud-based systems that eliminate the need for on-campus servers and create a 100% uptime. Upgrades to your system are by push notification, so there is no need to take down your server at inopportune times.

For your users, we took the latest in these technologies to create a system that your students and staff will love. The best devices and apps today are plug-and-play. You shouldn’t need an advanced degree to use it. We have evolved far beyond physical keys and ridiculous coding. If you can use a smartphone like today’s iGeneration of student, you will be right at home with Atrium.

Best of all, it’s modular and scalable, so you only pay for what you need. If you want to host sensitive data on your campus, we can help you to do that. If you like your current laundry management, keep it. If you’re a small institution with limited enrollment, we can design a package for you. If you’re a 50,000-student university and would like the whole nine yards, we’ve got you covered.

We were excited to launch Atrium at the most recent NACCU Conference in Seattle, Washington. We’ve already had the pleasure of talking to several institutions that are going to implement Atrium at their schools. And we’re just getting started…

In the meantime, we’re still committed to JSA Technologies. We’ve offered great service since 1998, and with over $2 billion in incident-free transactions we know that people count on us. Sure, if it ain’t broke…But we’re growing. We’re constantly testing new systems and devices for Atrium, and there is always someone else out there who is going to do it better. There’s always something to learn.

You can learn more about Atrium by visiting our website here. To contact one of our Atrium representatives, email us at info@atriumcampus.com or call us at 800-403-0210.


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